Thursday, September 22, 2005

At the University of Toledo with Casey

Minstrel took the fish down to visit Casey at the University of Toledo. Casey decided to play the role of admissions counselor and give the fish a campus tour.
The fish got a little panicky when he saw some freshmen walking around with fishing poles, and wanted to call Campus Security....
....but Casey and Minstrel convinced him that the fishing freshmen were just going to pull some sort of strange and random prank. After all, no one would really plan to fish in the Ottawa River!
Casey took the fish to visit the science building, and it turns out that the fish knows more about Marine Biology than any professor on UT's staff! So with credits given for life experience and an Associate of Science degree earned from Kelp Community College back in 1994....
....the fish was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from the University of Toledo-- an Honors degree, no less! Congratulations, Fish O'Thwacking!

The fish decided to celebrate his new degree by traveling far to the west to visit with WildaBeast and the other Northern California snopesters at their meet. Woooo, party!

In Detroit with Minstrel

Minstrel took the fish to see some of the sights at Hart Plaza, the best spot on Detroit's waterfront. For some reason, there is something resembling a gigantic Stargate in Hart Plaza.....
Luckily, when they stepped through it, they did NOT enter another dimension. At least they don't think they did. Maybe they did and it's so much like their original dimension that they just didn't notice. But that line of thought poses too many really weird possibilities, so we'll leave that for now.

Here, the fish poses by Detroit River. That's Windsor, Canada on the other side of the water.
Here are Minstrel and the fish in front of the Renaissance Center, GM's World Headquarters.
"Buy American!" says the fish. Actually, he said, "Blub blub blub," but some nearby UAW employees thought he said "Buy American," and who are we to dissuade them?

A difficult time for the Fish

Unfortunately, the fish didn't have enough money to make it all the way from LizzyBean's house to Minstrel's house.

Luckily, he was selected as a contestant on Aquatic Fear Factor. He faced down some of his worst fears-- dangerous predators....
a sharp filet knife....
and worst of all, a frying pan.
But the Fish O'Thwacking is the bravest of all fish! He won his challenges, was paid a fishy fortune, and safely arrived at Minstrel's house.

The journey's beginning....

The Fish O'Thwacking began its epic journey one bright July Saturday in Toledo. LizzyBean nobly rescued him from the gift shop at the Toledo Zoo, and was so kind as to include him with the rest of the snopesters!

Then LizzyBean took the fish home to her abode in the "thumb" area of Michigan. Unfortunately, the fish did not get along too well with Lizzy's jackalope.....

so she packed him up and sent him south to Minstrel, somewhere between Detroit and Monroe.