Sunday, October 09, 2005

In Sacramento with WildaBeast

The fish was a little disappointed that he didn't get to go to a snopes gathering in San Francisco like he had been promised, so WildaBeast tried to make up for that by showing him around Sacramento. Thwacky got his first experience riding mass transit on the Sacramento light rail system. He tried to sneak onto the train in WildaBeast's backpack without paying the fare! Luckily the transit police said that since he's small enough to fit in a backpack he can ride for free.

They got off the train near the state capitol. The fish was hoping to meet Governor Schwarzenegger, but the Gubernator was too busy calling someone a girly man or some such nonsense.

Since this was the fish's first trip out west, he wanted to see some real cowboys, but all they found in Old Sacramento were tourists, gift shops, and trendy restaurants.

Being a fish, he was naturally drawn to the riverfront. He wanted WildaBeast to set him free, but luckily for us, WildaBeast convinced him that he needed to continue his travels to bring happiness to snopesters throughout the world.

The next day, WildaBeast took Thwacky to historic Folsom, but forgot to bring his camera. *sigh*

And so Fish O' Thwacking returned to the East, with fond memories of northern California to brighten his journey in a luxury USPS envelope.