Friday, December 30, 2005

In Oklahoma with guruwan2b

 Thwacky arrived in Oklahoma on a cold Friday afternoon (by Conestoga - there is no public transportation in rural OK).

The guru family greeted him kindly (except for the big hairy guy who proclaimed guru to be "mad").

Thwacky checked out the guru's redneck Christmas tree. He had never known people who put Nascar ornaments on trees, but found it interesting.

Then they all went shopping. The little guru carried Thwacky around in a purse, much like Paris Hilton and her little doggie. Back to the house, groceries put up, insulation added to the laundry room. (Not kidding about it being cold!) Afterwards, the gurus had a few rousing hands of Texas Hold'em until bedtime. Thwacky spent some time communing with his fellow aquatic citizens, whom he found living comfortably in the guru family’s aquarium.

Sunday morning guru showed Thwacky around town. Not a lot to see, but he did see a restaurant with an airplane's tail sticking through the roof. Now, Maysville's only small claim to fame is that Wiley Post's parents lived there. Why would anyone think the plane through the roof was a good idea???

Guru told Thwacky that if a virgin ever graduated... wait, someone already used that one.

When guru started mumbling about a pirate constume, Thwacky knew it was time to leave. So off he went in his Conestoga wagon. (Back to civilization, hopefully!) Off to New York for a visit with Eve MG.

Friday, December 16, 2005

In Maumee, OH with Bach_girl

The Fish O'Thwacking arrived safely in Maumee, Ohio, and when Bach_girl became a bit too excited about her holiday guest, she decided to share him with her cats Missy and Angel. (In a strange bit of species role-reversal, Sam and Holly were too afraid of the strange new visitor and chose to hide under the bed instead of introducing themselves.)

Thwacky was really excited about spending Thanksgiving with the Family Bach. He decided to pose for a holiday picture, but was promptly removed from the table when everyone sat down to eat, lest someone mistake him for a newfangled side dish. Bach_girl's family had a very difficult time understanding what the heck Snopes was and why a strange little fish was joining us for dinner, but they know how weird Bach_girl is anyway and just dropped the subject.

The Bach Family began decorating for Christmas, and Thwacky was very excited to help. He became great friends w/ a reindeer named Blitzen.

Santa, however, was less than pleased about this ichthoid trying to play the part of a reindeer (Thwacky is not a flying fish, after all), so Bach_girl packed him up and sent him out west to Guruwan2B in Oklahoma.