Thursday, January 19, 2006

In Toronto with Nonny Mouse

On a mild winter Monday, two deliveries were made to the suburban Toronto home of Nonny Mouse and the family she works for. One was a plasma TV. The other, much more important package, contained none other than Fish O'Thwacking himself!
Eight-year-old Kylie thoughtfully offered to let Thwacky share her old fishtank with one Violet C. Ramicfish, who has been rather lonely since the passing of her old roommate, a betta named Rainbow Fish. Unfortunately, quarters were rather tight, and it quicky became apparent that Violet snores. Or rather, burbles.

On Friday night Thwacky accompanied Nonny to a filk music salon, where musically inclined members of the local SF fandom commmunity helped Thwacky learn his scales.
Then on Saturday, Nonny and Thwacky headed over to the Toronto snopester meet at the Yorkdale Milestones, where Thwacky would join Canuckistan for the next leg of his travels. But first, they stopped by the Rainforest Cafe where Thwacky finally encountered an aquarium worthy of him.

Unfortunately, he also encountered a life-sized animatronic hippopotamus....

Would Thwacky survive to make it to the meet?

In New York with Eve MG

Of course Conestoga wagons can't travel very well through the snow, so Thwacky had to change to another mode of transportation before he arrived at Eve MG's house in the frozen land of New York.

Eve and Thwacky shared a solemn moment visiting the Fallen Firefighters Memorial, and Thwacky gave thanks that the average fish need never worry about the dangers of fire.

Thwacky enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with Eve and her family, except for when Jolly-puppy thought he might be a special holiday dog treat!

Luckily, Jolly decided that Thwacky didn't taste very good. Thwacky didn't know whether to be relieved or insulted.

Thwacky enjoyed spending the holidays in New York, but after the New Year's celebrating was done, Eve helped him get through Customs and Immigration so he could visit with Nonny Mouse in Toronto.