Monday, February 27, 2006

In Newfoundland with RingKeeper and Loony

Thwacky and Whacky arrived on the Rock on February 16th, tired but none the worse for wear. RingKeeper and Loony let them rest for awhile because there was so much they wanted to squeeze into the fishes’ short stay. They were confident in our ability to show Thwacky and Whacky a good time because if there’s one thing Newfoundlanders know, it’s fish. And if there’s another thing they know, it’s good times!

On Friday night Thwacky and Whacky attended a Fog Devils hockey game with RingKeeper and her husband. They enjoyed the view from the box seats but wanted to know what exactly a Fog Devil was. RingKeeper told them she’d get back to them on that. They thoroughly enjoyed the open bar and by the end of the third inning the score was 5 to 2 for the Fog Devils and they didn’t give a NFBSK what the devil a fog was…or shomething. Whatever.

It took a little while for the fishies to get back on their fins, but when they did they were raring to go. Cape Spear was on the list, and Thwacky expressed some interest in being the most easternly fish in North America, until we explained that the fish in the water were probably more easternly than he was. They thought about taking a dory out, but with the high winds it was just too risky.

Signal Hill was very cold, but the fish got a great view of the city before they dove headlong into the heart of downtown. Loony had to hold them very tightly to ensure they didn’t blow away. And no trip to Newfoundland is complete without a stop on George Street. Thwacky wanted to go to O’Reilly’s Irish Pub and Whacky was interested in Trapper John’s. Loony had to step in and defuse what could have been a very nasty fin slapping. The fish had to be threatened several times with detailed instructions on how to cut out fish tongues. Everyone decided to stop at the Celtic Hearth for brunch instead (yes, they were bar hopping that early). They had waffles (of course), and the fish took time for a pint before heading back out into the -22ºC weather.

Before RingKeeper and Loony let them go, the fishies were made honourary Newfoundlanders with a Screech in. They kissed the puffin’s arse, answered the age old question “Is ye a Newfoundlander?” with the eloquent response “Indeed I is, me old cock, and long may your big jib draw,” and swallowed down their Screech with barely a gasp from their little gills.

When Loony’s cat decided Thwacky looked like lunch, everyone figured it was time to bid the fishies good-bye and sent them off to New Brunswick to visit UEL.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

In Ontario with callee

Callee was understandably surprised to receive two aquatic guests in the mail. Especially two male guests! He just hadn't picked up such a vibe from Thwacky at the meet. Worried that Thwacky and Whacky might have caught "Teh Gay," callee made sure that the young fish were properly instructed in the practice of True Religion. Look how well it worked!

His duty done, callee sent Thwacky and Whacky east to RingKeeper and Loony.

Out and About in Toronto with Canuckistan

Canuckistan took Thwacky to Fly Nightclub-- according to them, it's every gay stereotype come to life! It is actually the club which was the basis for Babylon on the show "Queer as Folk."
Before long, Thwacky was at the bar and drinking like... well, like a fish!
To Canuckistan's surprise, Thwacky disappeared in the club. Now how often is it that one gets ditched by a rubber fish? Canuckistan eventually gave up and went home. So imagine his surprise Sunday morning when he got a call from Thwacky. Thwacky wanted to know if he could bring a "friend" up. Meet Whacky.
Whacky is a whale-minnow hybrid. He and Thwacky met at the club, and it was love at first sight! So Canuckistan, happy for them both, let them check the NFBSK forum for any info on fish relationships....
... before shipping the happy fish couple off to callee.

The Great Toronto Meet!

Thwacky was a little nervous to be in a whole big group of snopesters; after all, that's how this whole strange journey got started! But after a couple of drinks with Kendra and Lynnejanet, he calmed down and was fine.
Thwacky got so loose he even asked a monkey to dance!
Then Thwacky tried to get Canuckistan to let him dance with an elephant. Fortunately, Canuckistan was able to convince Thwacky that the size difference would make it too dangerous. For both of them.
Thwacky kissed the elephant goodbye and went back to the table to meet callee, who had just arrived. Here you can see them attempting telepathic communication. Such things have never been achieved between fish and human before! The Journal of Snopesean Parapsychology will doubtless be very interested in their test results.
The group nearly panicked when they thought the restaurant was under attack by pirates, but then they realized it was only Pilchik. Whew! Disaster averted.
The meet was over, but Thwacky's partying was just beginning. He and Canuckistan left for a night on the town.