Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In New Brunswick with UEL

The fishes had a great time in New Brunswick. They arrived a little "hungover" from Newfoundland, but were ready for the enjoyment of the heart of NB.

Unfortunately, the day after they arrived, some bad news came to UEL's family so their party, erm, visit, was put on hold for about four days.

But that timed it nicely with UEL's daughters' spring break. What a visit it was!

The morning started off with picking up UEL's daughters' friend Ally. Immediately the two fish wanted to split a Tim's coffee.
Once the caffeine kicked in, it was downtown to get some New Brunswick culture. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery was the venue. Everyone first checked out the exterior, then went inside.
No photos were allowed inside, so everyone went around and checked out the artwork. Much was impressive, especially the works of Anthony Flowers. But the fish seemed a bit bored, as did the three girls that were escorting them.

So, after a bit of culture, the fish wanted to see power. The group went across the street to the legislature. Thwacky was in awe of the edifice where some of the most important decisions for the province are made.

It was a bit chilly, so UEL's daughters Shawn and Addy suggested that everyone go to the museum on the base near Fredericton. It was a great suggestion. Thwacky was impressed by the amount of care given to the artifacts, while Whacky seemed quite content to be carried around by three blondes.

The girls were quite excited by the afternoon. The group was going to the gym. UEL to work on maintaining this epitome of manly physique and the girls to paractice the routines from their cheerleading club.
Finally, the day was done. Ally went home and UEL's girls were tired. Thwacky and Whacky were anxious to get on their way to Edmonton to see Jenn so everyone went to UEL's workplace. He showed the pictures of the day around to his colleagues, but unfortunately, he forgot to tell the fish to sit still. They collaborated with one of UEL's office mates and decided to run off with UEL's hat. He caught them about 30 minutes later.

With that, they went home. The next day the fish caught their bubblewrapped taxi to Edmonton.