Sunday, May 21, 2006

In Austin, TX with Lilybet, Gayle, & Kev

Although Thwacky and Whacky did not get to see as much of Gainesville as they had hoped, the fish were undaunted, and arrived in Lilybet’s mailbox full of anticipation – and bearing Chick tracts. “Well, this won’t do at all,” she declared, and whisked the fish off to an unnamed local boutique* to get their piscine heads straightened out.

“Dude,” said Thwacky to Whacky, “I feel strange.”

“I feel blurry,” replied Whacky.
Lilybet was still a bit anxious for the fishies’ mental well-being, so introduced the fish to friendly neighbors Sam Hurt and Hank the Hallucination, who encouraged Thwacky and Whacky to “get real.”

Afterwards the fish headed off for a night out on the town with Austin snopesters Gayle and Kev. Barring a brief incident when Whacky got a little peckish and attempted to gnosh on his hostess, the fish and snopesters had a great time at the Dog and Duck, drinking Newcastle Brown Ale and chatting up dishy young men.
After the hangovers had worn off the next day, the fish took a leisurely stroll down the Town Lake hike-and-bike trail to pay a visit to Austin guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughn. The fish planned to pose on Stevie’s shoulders; unfortunately a couple of passerby on the trail felt this was disrespectful to Stevie’s memory and put up a bit of a fuss. Lilybet’s attempts to explain the situation didn’t go over well, and the altercation ultimately ended the way any conflict involving a rubber fish must.Tired but happy, the fish said their goodbyes to beautiful Austin, Texas and jetted off in their first-class luxury padded envelope to visit AnglRdr in Nashville.