Monday, May 08, 2006

In Florida with Cervus

Well, the fishies were not pleased with having to sit in Cervus's mailbox for five days in the Florida heat. They were even more upset to learn that she'd only have one day to show them around Gainesville; they'd been lured (ha ha) to Florida with promises of golden sunsets, Mickey Mouse, and long swims along the beach. But, alas, her hectic schedule prevented her from being a good hostess, and the fish were left to flounder on their own without a tour guide.

It was an overcast day so they couldn't even enjoy the warm sunshine. On top of that, Cervus's dog took quite a liking to Thwacky and Whacky, deciding they were his own personal chew toys.They'd had enough. So they asked a local about some good places to visit around town.

They visited the University of Florida, but school had just let out for the summer, so the campus was deserted. No frat parties or fisheries science classes to sit in on. However, they did get to appreciate some modern art. And although they were in Gator Country, this was as close to an alligator as they wanted to get.On the advice of the locals, the fish then strolled around Gainesville's historic district and were in awe of the Southern mansions that line several blocks.
By then the skies had grown even cloudier, and the fish had to call it a day. But they resolved to return to Florida another time, possibly with a tour grouper.