Monday, May 08, 2006

In Massachusetts with Wonko the Sane

Shortly after the fish arrived, the Wonkos, being socially responsible temporary parents, immediately took them down the road to the local brothel, where Whacky and Thwacky learned about the birds and the bees and how to practice safe spawning.

The Wonkos continued their education with a history lesson, by visiting what might be the most sadly overrated national landmark in the USA."Is that the real thing?!", they asked excitedly, having grown up hearing all about it in school.

Nope. Definitely not. Even says so right over there.

"Is this even the right location?", they ask, their enthusiasm only slightly dampened.

Nope. Almost certainly not. And most of what you learned in school about what happened is false, too. Sorry guys, but at least you have a story to take with you. And don't ask how that liquid got on the landmark. "I don't know, and I don't WANT to know," said Wonko.

Having come face to face with the brutal realities of revisionism, the fish came back to the homestead to wrap up their visit with us. Sadly, on their last night with the Sanes, one of the local denizens croaked, so the fish and all the rest of the family (only a small percentage of them are visible) paid their respects before the stiff went to find out what angel lust is really all about.Well, at least they got the chance to reveal to the world where their true baseball allegiances lie before they were shipped off to Trish in Rhode Island.