Monday, May 08, 2006

In Rhode Island with TrishDaDish

Thwacky & Whacky were wary of TrishDaDish. They had heard of her Crispin Glover fetish. It became tragically clear when she made Thwacky recreate the poster for "Willard" with her.
TrishDaDish was also starting a new victory garden, and put them to work digging. While they toiled, she taunted, "A little clean muck never hurt nobody!" and smoked a cigarette. They began to question whether Rhode Island bred weird people, or if it was just TrishDaDish's agoraphobia making her such a bizarre person.

At the end of a long day spent digging, Thwacky and Whacky were wiped out and just wanted to sleep. Luckily, SpongeBob SquarePants happened by and read them some interesting bedtime stories, and they dreamt of happier days under the sea.

Luckily, the fish weren't with Trish for long before she packed them up and sent them to Cervus in sunny Florida.