Monday, May 08, 2006

In San Diego with Silas Sparkhammer

Silas felt so privileged to host Thwacky and Whacky that he hosted an impromptu snopesmeet in their honor! Here we can see Thwacky and Echinodermata Q. Taft's hand in front of Charles Foster Kane's lovely Xanadu.
Silas and Thwacky had fun posing in front of an avatar Silas has been known to use in the past.

Later on, Whacky was feeling a bit ill and just wanted to rest, so Thwacky cozied up with Delta, Silas's sexy robot friend.
Well rested and happy in the southern California warmth, Thwacky and Whacky prepared for their journey to the Northeast to visit Wonko the Sane.