Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In Wyoming with Noemi

Thwacky and Whacky arrived safely in Cheyenne and were pretty excited because they'd heard about Wyoming (even if AnglRdr hadn't) and were hoping they would be seeing Yellowstone. Noemi had to explain to them that they were in the wrong corner of the state for that. Then they asked about Frontier Days and she had to explain that they were in the right area, but two weeks too early. The fish consoled themselves by trying on jewelry while Noemi was trying to put tags on it. Then they decided to try to strike a blow for fishy justice and subdue a cat. As you can see they weren't very sucessful, as Cleo seems pretty unconcerned about the whole thing. At that point Noemi moved Thwacky and Whacky to a safer location before they tried to subdue Scooter and got chewed on.The weather finally cleared up and so Noemi took the fish to see one of the giant cowboy boots that were part of a community art project. The fish were really lucky because this boot is owned by the state agency Noemi's husband works for so he could get them in behind the ropes for a close up view.Noemi then took them to see where Frontier Days would be taking place in two weeks and wandered around the park across the street. There they stopped to look at locomotive 1242 which had been nicknamed Old Sadie. The fish were really interested in the
interior fence. Noemi explained it had been made from old metal objects by a local man who had made a similar fence for his house.
With that the fish were ready to move on and headed off to California to visit MacLloyd.

In North Carolina with Radical Dory

Well, the fishes arrived in Winston-Salem to much glee. Radical Dory had told her parents and sister about what they were doing, and as they're not terribly exciting people, they recieved quite a welcome from Radical Dory, Mom, Julie, and even Oscar when they arrived.

After a day spent dropping off resumes around town, Julie and Radical Dory set out showing Thwacky and Whacky the area. They found a sign that seemed to sum up their day quite nicely. "Why yes, good people at Reynolds Presbyterian...yes, we do. Thank you for asking." (This is probably not what R.J. Reynolds had in mind when he built the church. )On to SciWorks, which is not only a fun museum, but where Radical Dory works (for now, anyway). Thwacky wanted a closer look at our giant T. Rex head and with southern hospitality in mind, Radical Dory kindly obliged him. Whacky wasn't quite so thrilled...he kept "falling" out.Radical Dory and Julie then took the fish outside to meet the museum's animals. The critters were rather indifferent except for the lovely otters, Ollie and Mollie. They were really, really friendly towards Thwacky and Whacky. The fishies felt uncomfortable; can't imagine why.Whacky said that he felt tired and would just like to have some coffee. In typical North Carolina fashion, you just can't have coffee. Instead, even coffee becomes an occasion for showing off a little. Radical Dory and Julie took the fishes home and awaited Noemi's message as to their next destination.

In the Florida Panhandle with Spam & Cookies

When the guys arrived on Thursday afternoon, they were surprised to discover that Spam & Cookies was (a) only one person, and (b) not made of either spam or cookies. She promised them she'd take them to the beach Friday right after work, but after waiting for her all day, this is how the weather looked. So, disappointed, everyone went home for the night, hoping for brighter skies in the morning.
They checked the local weather in the morning, and when they saw that the surf flag was yellow (which means "don't blame us if you drown, dummy") they packed up their beach gear.

They stopped on the way to snap a pic in front of the world's only known four headed palm tree.
Then they headed for the beach.

The kids yelled, "Come on, let's swim!" but Thwacky shook his head, remembering the shark attacks along these shores last summer. Whacky called him a wimp and a carcharophobe, but he stayed onshore with Thwacky and helped him build a sand castle.
Soon after, a pirate ship rounded the jetties, and fired upon the beachgoers with their cannon, but the brave fish came through unharmed.Once Spam & Cookies was good and sunburnt, Thwacky and Whacky took one last look at the beautiful, white sand dunes, climbed back in their padded envelope and headed to the Carolinas to visit Radical Dory.

In Indiana with Deep Blue

When Thwacky and Whacky arrived in Indiana, they accompanied Deep Blue to work on Monday, where they got the grand tour. They were quite taken with Deep Blue's friend Dan, and wanted to leave with him, but she caught them before they made it to his truck.
The company Deep Blue works for designs and builds mail sorting equipment, so she gave them a closer look at the contraption they get sent through every time they get mailed. "That's what we've been shoved through?" griped Thwacky. "No wonder why I have a cramp in my dorsal fin!"
They headed out to take a ride on the Harley, with the fish sporting thier new leather vests (complete with Harley logo) and doo rags. However, since Deep Blue only has a learner's permit, she can't carry passengers yet.
The fish finished off their visit with a trip to Indiana Beach, the local amusement park, where they struck up a conversation with one of White County's finest before heading back to Florida for their visit with Spam & Cookies.

In Nashville with AnglRdr

When Thwacky and Whacky arrived in Nashville, they were so tired from their trip in a hot summer envelope that all they wanted to do for a little while was catch up on their snopesing in an air conditioned room and drink plenty of Diet Coke! AnglRdr was quite unprepared for the fishes' appetite for diet cola beverages and had to make an unexpected trip to the grocery store.
Meanwhile, Thwacky and Whacky eventually bestirred themselves to try to check in with some of their aquatic acquaintances by having AnglRdr catch them on hooks and pull them out of the water.
A local news reporter, always looking for a variation on the "man bites dog" story of interest, decided that fish-fishing-for-fish would be an excellent feature story for the 6:00 news.
After AnglRdr showed the fish some of the local Nashville sites,
they were more than ready to go somewhere cooler, so they bid their hostess farewell and set off to visit Deep Blue in Indiana.