Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In the Florida Panhandle with Spam & Cookies

When the guys arrived on Thursday afternoon, they were surprised to discover that Spam & Cookies was (a) only one person, and (b) not made of either spam or cookies. She promised them she'd take them to the beach Friday right after work, but after waiting for her all day, this is how the weather looked. So, disappointed, everyone went home for the night, hoping for brighter skies in the morning.
They checked the local weather in the morning, and when they saw that the surf flag was yellow (which means "don't blame us if you drown, dummy") they packed up their beach gear.

They stopped on the way to snap a pic in front of the world's only known four headed palm tree.
Then they headed for the beach.

The kids yelled, "Come on, let's swim!" but Thwacky shook his head, remembering the shark attacks along these shores last summer. Whacky called him a wimp and a carcharophobe, but he stayed onshore with Thwacky and helped him build a sand castle.
Soon after, a pirate ship rounded the jetties, and fired upon the beachgoers with their cannon, but the brave fish came through unharmed.Once Spam & Cookies was good and sunburnt, Thwacky and Whacky took one last look at the beautiful, white sand dunes, climbed back in their padded envelope and headed to the Carolinas to visit Radical Dory.