Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In Indiana with Deep Blue

When Thwacky and Whacky arrived in Indiana, they accompanied Deep Blue to work on Monday, where they got the grand tour. They were quite taken with Deep Blue's friend Dan, and wanted to leave with him, but she caught them before they made it to his truck.
The company Deep Blue works for designs and builds mail sorting equipment, so she gave them a closer look at the contraption they get sent through every time they get mailed. "That's what we've been shoved through?" griped Thwacky. "No wonder why I have a cramp in my dorsal fin!"
They headed out to take a ride on the Harley, with the fish sporting thier new leather vests (complete with Harley logo) and doo rags. However, since Deep Blue only has a learner's permit, she can't carry passengers yet.
The fish finished off their visit with a trip to Indiana Beach, the local amusement park, where they struck up a conversation with one of White County's finest before heading back to Florida for their visit with Spam & Cookies.